Raua 25 is an architectural monument and will be renovated with care and attention to detail. Its authentic exterior is complemented by modern comforts and technical solutions. In addition to the reconstruction of the building, construction of apartments and interior finishing, organising of the courtyard and landscaping, the luxurious stairwell with rounded inner corners on one side will also be restored. The landings have colourful marble patterned terrazzo floors (i.e. with a coating of coloured rubble and decorative mortar).

The apartments are being built as a turnkey project, every apartment is unique and owners can choose high quality and fully customised interior decor – choose between Functionalist, Classic, and Art Deco packages.


The façade will be renovated according to the architectural solution. The roof will be rebuilt, along with roof top terraces. The exterior doors to the apartment building, apartment doors, interior doors and windows will be restored to their original appearance or replaced with something similar to the original.

Included in the restoration are also the built-in cupboards in the apartment and cupboard doors, together with original fittings.

In accordance with the architectural plan, first floor apartments will have living areas in the cellar, connected with the first floor via stairs in the apartment. In addition, storage rooms will be built.


The entire water and heating system of the building will be renovated, including water and sewage ducts. A new switchboard and new electricity circuit will be installed throughout the entire building.

A data cable system will be connected to communication cupboards in the apartments. Data connections will be created according to the weak current plan.

An external keypad for the intercom and GSM module will be installed, which will allow for the front door to be unlocked remotely with a mobile phone. Radiators in the building will be connected to a centralised heating system.


The property is divided into two green spaces. The street side is 3.5 m wide landscaped green strips that continue along Raua Street. The other green strip is in the courtyard and blends together with the green spaces in two neighbouring lots without fences.

The small property and relatively large functionalist house follow the basic principles of landscaping on the roof, which compensates for the loss of outdoor greenery on the ground.

The existing lawn on the street side will be preserved and a new one placed in the courtyard. A small flowerbed is foreseen at the entrance to the courtyard, where Barren Strawberry will be planted. Barren Strawberry (Waldsteinia ternate) is a very hearty ground cover. Small yellow flowers bloom in May-June. The leaves are glossy evergreen; the plant tolerates shade well and is suitable for all kinds of soil.